Who is Ashley Doris?

Ashley Doris has been an entertainer all her life. Her repertoire includes 15 years of dance experience including ballet, jazz, hip-hop and point. She has been a fitness trainer and even a brown belt with three stripes. Ashley began modeling in New York as a teenager and has worked with dozens of notable companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Toys R’ Us, Hasbro and Disney. Ashley rapidly rose to popularity after being discovered by Playboy and featured as miss March 2013. Since her relocation to Hollywood, Ashley has been featured in several major projects. Ashley on TV as the “Main Chick” in Kid inks single Main Chick, or even as a mermaid in Disney's Deep Blue. Ashley Doris is much more than meets the eye. Although a beautiful model she is a talented actress, dancer, singer, and host. Weather you need a commercial, voice over, or figure head to represent your brand, Ashley can get the job done.